Friday, February 10, 2017

Parenting sucks.

sigh.. I so wasn't made for this parenting bit. And like everything else in life, its so much harder when you don't enjoy it .

Just trying to get anything done while the toddler is around , is frigging impossible. Go to the loo in peace for 5 mins ? hah. Have a bath ? seriously are you kidding, that is at least a 15 min job. Do the dishes? maybe, since you can still talk to him intermittently, and he can come and hit your legs a few times during the job. Eat a meal in peace ? All you need to do is start, and their susu potty whining will start immediately.

Should we get more ambitious?  Cleaning the house? putting away laundry? Order groceries? Too ambitious aren't we?

And then the really really ambitious stuff, read a novel, study programming, make some diy stuff, - yeah right.

And then the endless clearing up of the landmines and mess and food they leave in their wake.

Some people enjoy playing with kids, I don't. Never did, and probably never will. So theres basically no upside. Just the 'how cute, how lovely' feeling while they are sleeping.

What really pisses me off is when people ask 'what do you do all day'. I try to survive. I try to do all the above. I try not to keep crying and shouting in frustration.

I usually fail.

The only thing that keeps my sanity is the 3 hours of play school . I might just go over the bend once summer holidays start. Will probably throw him to the screens , the phones and tvs which I have mostly avoided so far. Free baby sitting , short term gain and long term pain.. but kal kisne dekha hai..

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