Friday, January 27, 2017

cashless crap

What was money to start with ? You bartered your goods/services with someone elses and that had its limitations. So we ended up with 'money', which was just a tool to help simplify those exchanges. It was small, portable, standardized ( sort of) , didn't perish , etc etc.

Then we had overlords, which fulfilled various needs , practical, emotional, psychological... We called them governments, or kings, or gods. At any rate they needed to take their hafta, again for various reasons, administrative, status definition, power, consolidation, protection, just because i can , etc etc. They also usually minted, printed, managed the 'money'. So we had taxes, that went to our chosen overlord.  So far so good ( or bad) .

But now we have reached a stage where we say we will do away with physical money altogether! So who pays for the systems who will move our virtual money through the maze ? Why we do of course! So this time, we are paying our hafta to icici, citibank, sbi, airtel, jio, iphone  IN ADDITION to the old hafta to our overlords. 

Maybe I choose the convinience of airtel and icici, thats one thing. but when you give me no choice, and present me options like 
1. pay 2% + tax for credit card, 
2. pay 4% plus tax for debit card, 
3. pay 20 rs for demand draft. 
4. go live under a rock in the himalayas and meditate on the goodness of our fifty six inched kaka, or his more choti soch ke bretheren and sisteren who have had their own time in the sun for ( as we are frequently reminded) 60 years...

Sigh. Deep breaths. Glass of water. 

So the new resolution is to simplify life as much as possible. Minimize all purchases, all spending of money. Declutter. Reuse. Recycle, AND USE CASH WHEREVER I CAN TO SAVE! Yes, that is my little rebellion. 

On the plus side, those are things we should have been doing anyway. Instead of falling for the commercial crap, buying endless mountains of junk, buying the insecurity the giant corporations keep selling: your wall paint is crappy, your face paint is crappy, your life is crappy unless you get this. I had been taking baby steps for the last few years, trying to break free. This year should further that journey by leaps and bounds. 

So maybe I was premature in judging the situation. Nothing is good or bad.. thinking makes it so. 

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