Wednesday, July 13, 2016

7 secrets of shiva - Devdutt Patnaik

Haven't blogged for a while, perhaps I needed an appropriate topic to rant about to kick my laziness and lethargy and write. So here goes.

When a cat leaps up to sit on a table, how do you explain that? Well I can write a couple of deep scientific , psychological, philosophical and medical paragraphs explaining this. For eg.

1. The table exerts a natural attraction towards the cat, which stems from the fact that the table is made of a hard substance wood, and the cat is soft creature, and we know that opposites attract. ( attach photo of cat jumping with a bubble explaining how opposites attract)

2. The cat jumped at 11.29 and we know that gravity is temporarily suspended during the period from 11.28 to 11.30. So the placement of the cat underneath the table ensured that the moment gravity was suspended, the cat floated up to the table. (attach photo of floating cat with a clock in the background)

3. The table housed the keyboard, and we know that all cats( male and female) have an inbuilt tendency to shed their seed on a keyboard, over which they have no control, ( only human males can control this tendency ). Hence the cat was driven by a deep instant to jump up. (attach photo of various cats on tables with little blurbs )

4. The cat is a manifestation of prakriti or nature, while the table is a manifestation of purush or pure consciousness. The table is solid, at peace, stable while the cat is ever moving, changing, chanchal.

5. The table is a manifestation of prakriti or nature. It is static, without conscious will,  its choices are limited,  it has no favorites and it is the objective reality of nature. The cat is a manifestation of purush or pure consciousness,  since it is aware, conscious and has the subjective reality of its imagination  It can control is urges, you will find mythology littered with instances where the cat saw a table and jumped.  ( yes I contradict myself with impunity)

I can go on in this vein but unfortunately I am not deluded, or getting paid to write crap.

On the plus side, I didn't find this book a complete waste, because it did have a few paragraphs which resonated, or at least gave food for thought. But just a few paragraphs littered among self contradictory, pseudo explanation-koch-bhi kind of stories and explanations is clearly a very poor hit rate. Maybe I will try another of his books because I have heard so much about them, but I sure hope they don't all follow this self assured, simplistic pseudo explanation ( rather than discussion of various possibilities)

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