Monday, March 21, 2016

Its been a while since I came upon someone really suffering due to someone else's close mindedness. When I say 'really', I discount a lot of small stuff. The friend who said or did something mean, yes that hurt but it passes. The workplace where crappy stuff routinely happens.. again its usually all in a days work. The pointless twitter/tv/fb wars. Again ephemeral. Illness and death.. hard but inevitable. 

But today a friend had to give up something because a higher up was prejudiced, and decided to prove his prejudice by any means, mostly foul. I tried to remind her and myself, that in the larger scheme of things, this too shall pass, but couldn't help thinking off and on, what makes a person act like that. 

The incident reminded me of work, and how one of the really good managers was amazingly prejudiced against a religion. I guess he truly believed that anywhere it was practiced was bound to fail. And yet, and yet, he never let that color the way he interacted professionally. He gave credit where it was due, and as his luck would have it, it was often due exactly where it must've hurt him. I often wondered at the dichotomy. 

But not everyone can do that, some I guess, need so desperately to believe their prejudices, that they will actively add obstacles to make someone else fail. Why do their brains stop working? 

Anyway, such is life. One has to get up and start hacking away again.. 

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