Monday, January 04, 2016

Star Wars- The force awakens

Guess its hard to write an unbiased review. I had seen the first 3 movies as a kid when I barely understood them, and didn't like them. Subsequently whenever I saw bits of them here and there, I always disliked them, not always sure why. Maybe i found the tube light swords infantile, and more akin to the fantasy genre than sic-fi. Maybe the bikini clad bound female next to a blob of gunk left a bad taste in the mouth which nothing would wash away. Maybe I discovered the voyager series and fell into the trap of star trek vs star wars.

Whatever the reason, the fact is I am prejudiced against star wars. I went to watch this quite prepared to dislike and lampoon it. I wasn't disappointed. As a stand alone movie without the baggage of a fan, I found it most contrived and forgettable.

If you are not a fan, avoid.

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