Wednesday, November 25, 2015

as a little kid, with no tv, radio access, about the only source of 'whats happening in the world' used to be the newspaper. initially toi, and later ht. as they both raced towards the bottom of the cesspit, i stopped them, and for a while it was tv which was avidly followed. gradually that also went to the gutter, and i stopped following any news. the internet helped to avoid becoming a complete hermit, often with long read articles which i came across, one way or the other, although i avoided 'following' news articles. now things have reached a stage where opening facebook, is like following the newspapers and tv to the gutter. its not about which direction of the political spectrum you follow, but just the level of information and debate. soo soo abysmal. i guess its time to log off from there too. as if daily life wasn't depressing enough. 

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