Monday, July 20, 2015

Inside Out - Pixar

quite liked this one.

The emotions in a little girls mind have been anthropomorphised. We have joy running the show, while sadness is always gently nudged away. Anger, fear and disgust try their hand at keeping our little girl happy too. And memories are those little shiny spheres that play such a big role in what keeps us ticking.

I would say the idea is brilliant and execution is pretty neat too. And in this day of chasing the elusive joy and happiness at any cost, it good to see the importance of balance. The fact that the fb pics only show half the story. And the fact that memories can often get colored much later as well. And most importantly, all of those emotions are just trying to keep us going. Sadness, anger, fear aren't villains to be beaten down, just emotions trying to keep us safe and functioning, but they can't always drive that well!

As an aside whats with the first 15 mins of some fellow talking away and then a really boring lava song ? Could have really done without those two.

But a must watch, specially if you are a fan of animation movies like me!

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