Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Martian - Andy Weir

mixed feelings on this one..

An astronomer gets left behind on mars. There are no evil aliens. Just an atmosphere he can't breath in  . Can't step out without his suit. Limited food and water. No communication with earth. Limited chance of a rescue, specially since he has been given up as dead. What is he to do ?

On one hand I loved the science heavy approach, irrespective of whether it was accurate or not. That a best selling novel could have long descriptions of things chemical, biological, mathematical, physical and everything in between, was awesome. 'Fuck yeah! science! "

But that was just the part that appealed to the maths/science lover in me. However I am also a big fan of psychology, of character development, plot development, of sheer well written prose. Have to say those things were rather simplistic and not much to write home about.

So overall, perhaps worth a read if you enjoy a bit of the scientific approach, but as a sci-fi thriller, pretty average. That its a best seller, and getting made into a movie with Matt Damon , no less, is just one of those things I guess.. hey we know Chetan Bhagat is a best seller ! < yes , tongue quite firmly in cheek>.

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