Sunday, March 15, 2015

108 suryanamaskars!

Attended an event by yogamatters at cubbon park.. great fun!

They had a group of teachers/ volunteers to pace the group through sets of 12. The awareness and connection with body mind and breath which I had initially, was lost after the first 30-40.  Somewhere midway I lost track of how many we had done, and felt like I was too zoned out to even think. But I think the group energy and the memory of all those 5, 10, 20 km runs kept me going. It helped that I was there with friends and they hadn't given up either.

Slowly my attention drifted towards the constant mess and mistakes of the left leg right leg, and trying to keep track of whether the teacher was also mixing them up. After a particularly sweet instructor mixed them up one too many times, but also made us smile with her cute instructions, all my thoughts were centered about getting the sequence right. The next teacher was a lot more focused and as she progressed with her 12, I felt less confused, and more centered, and as she asked us to lie down in shavasan, i wondered why.. and then I realized.. the 108 were done!!!! Couldn't believe it. Instead of focussing on my breath body or mind, I was busy trying to count how many sets we had done.. so much for the centering!

On the plus side, at least the breath and movements were still mostly synchronized till the end.. thats progress from 4-5 years back when I could barely do one set with synchronized breathing.

Hope I do many more of these!

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