Saturday, January 31, 2015

American Sniper - Clint Eastwood

Quite avoidable.

Easily one of the most cardboard movies I have seen in a long time, specially the first half. I mean I could almost compare it point for point with enemy at the gate, and if enemy at the gate scores a near flawless 9, then this one flounders at some 3. As a biopic, it looks almost like he is ticking boxes, scene with parents, check. Scene with pregnant wife, check. Scene with tough call, check. Scene showing PTSD, check. Scene with bible, check. Scene with worthy adversary, check. I mean really ??? Was there one single unexpected thing there? One new perspective?

My growing disillusionment with the oscars has come to its zenith with a complete and utter disdain and contempt now. Looks like they will just pick any jingoistic war movie set in iraq and put in a ton of nominations. I had thought that the colossally boring hurt locker was overrated. Now I realize it has competition.

And no, I have no issues at all with portraying one sided stories. I don't need a history lesson, or the iraqi viewpoint in a movie that is meant to be a biopic.

Anyway, cut yourself some slack, watch enemy at the gates instead.

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