Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interstellar - Christopher Nolan

Strictly OK.

The earth seems to be in bad shape and life is dying out. New planets need to be found for the humans. So off someone goes to save the world or rather the human race in this case. Across wormholes, raging against the dying light, pining for the children left behind.

Can't say there was anything awfully new or memorable.. For me it will end up as just another of these endless doomsday movies from Hollywood. As for Nolan, memento remains my favourite.

Which brings me to another puzzle I have been ruminating over for the past couple of years. What is it with this obsession with doomsday scenarios ? If its isn't climate that's going to get the world, then its a nuclear fallout, biological agents, aliens, evil corporations, something.. anything. I don't know if anyone, sociologists, psychologists or anthropologists have done some research on it , but surely there must be some reason for the fear gnawing away at us ? I mean if a human being had as many disaster dreams as we have these kind of movies , we would place them on the counsellors couch and psychoanalyze the hell out of whatever childhood trauma was causing such obsessive thoughts.

Anyway the movie is worth a watch, but only just!

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