Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ship of Theseus - Anand Gandhi

In the end, it all came together and I loved it!

A blind photographer gets an eye transplant, how does that change her? And change her art ? A swetambar monk tries to come to terms with his beliefs and his condition. Are there fixed answers, or will it always be a fluid debate? Where does the mind and reason begin and end? And lastly, a marwari businessman, who has mostly been content to live as a 'good person' in his relatively insular and inward looking world, might find himself challenged. Where does the individual begin and end in the society?

It is a very 'slow' moving film, and there isn't a lot to the 'story', which is perhaps easily guessed. To be honest I almost gave up towards the end of the first segment, finding the long silences, the dilemma and even the beautifully framed shots somewhat boring. I am glad I didn't give up though, because its towards the end when it all comes together, that you realize why the first part was building as it did. Its the sort of philosophical movie that leaves you with much to mull over, and a second viewing might be in order.  Some of the dialogues are really really thought-provoking, specially loved the contrast of the second and third stories as the level shifts from the intellectual masturbation, to the almost banal, and still maintains much depth when viewed in context of the full movie.

The opening lines:

'As the planks of Theseus' ship needed repair, it was replaced part by part, unto a point where not a single part from the original ship remained in it, anymore. Is it, then, still the same ship?

If all the discarded parts were used to build another ship, which of the two, if either, is the real Ship of Theseus? '

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