Friday, March 28, 2014

Highway - Imtiaz Ali

I quite liked it.

A rich girl gets kidnapped by a gang of ruffians. While on the run on the highway, we see a fragile connection develop between the talkative girl and the taciturn kidnapper.

While seeing the promos and the song, I had initially dismissed the movie as yet another silly love story, where the rich girl and the poor but golden hearted kidnapper would sing duets, while I spent my time and money on something more realistic. But a couple of interesting reviews piqued my curiosity, and I am glad we went to watch it.

For one, it isn't a typical 'love story'. One of my pet peeves has been the straightjacketing of relationships into neat slots in most hindi movies. Lovers, siblings, parents, friends, but never erase those boundaries. I really loved the way the relationship in this movie between the girl and the man, avoids easy labels.

Also liked the general staying in character of the two, specially the ruffian kidnapper. Hooda is completely awesome there, and full marks to the script for avoiding magical long speeches and incongruent sweet nothings from a man given to silence and monosyllables. Alia as the girl was much better than I expected, although a couple of her early monologues were a bit grating, both in script and execution.

The confrontation scene towards the end was a let down though.

Still, definitely worth a watch. 

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