Friday, October 04, 2013

Life of Pi - Ang Lee

Liked it overall.

Its based on the book, and sticks to the story pretty faithfully. A young boy from Pondicherry, Pi , finds faith  of multiple hues, even as his family seem rather irreverent. ( And need I say , practical and sensible - but thats just me! ). The family plan to emigrate to Canada, along with many animals they owned while they ran the zoo. There is a storm, and then we have the story of Pi's survival. Him and the tiger. Its a story told in flashback, as a grown up Pi narrates his incredible story of being in a life boat out on the ocean with a couple of animals, who die soon, leaving only the tiger. And then in the very end, as we profess disbelief, he gives us the option of another story , with no animals.. a tad more sordid, ( and need I say , a tad more believable! )

I can't really understand most of the deep meaning and symbolism of either the book or the movie. After reading tons of analysis on the net, I can't say that  I understood the point about religion.. The better story ? I mean really ? You'd choose god created the earth in 7 days and Noah saved the gazillion species in the world in his ark because its a better story than evolution ? God saved Pi and not the others because its part of his grand design? leaves me cold this strange god.

However I had really enjoyed reading the book, just because I found it gripping. The movie was less so.. but it had its own charm, although a lot of it is just those beautiful shots of the sea, the sky and of course or Richard Parker.

Loved Richard Parker!

Overall its ok, didn't find it great or exceptional. 

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