Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gravity - Alfonso Cuarón

I quite liked it.

An astronaut repairing a satellite gets caught in a debris storm and finds herself cut off and isolated. Somehow she attempts to gravitate back to earth.

One of the biggest arguments about such movies starts with 'realism' and scientific accuracy. For me it was accurate enough. A couple of days back we caught some real footage of the hubble being repaired at one of the science museums. Without running a microscope over things, I'd say gravity looked pretty close. Other scientific concerns, the heights of the satellite's, the orbits, the under suits, the axis on which stuff explodes, the propelling , etc are probably all valid inaccuracies, however its not stuff that bothers me particularly. We've all seen movies with bigger inaccuracies, in science, in character development, in what not, and lived to like them.

The bigger problem was that the plot was rather thin, and that was perhaps part of the reason the movie stopped short of being great for me. But I still loved the visuals, and it still evoked all those feelings for me, disorientation, awe, alienation, longing, isolation, connection, fear... I loved the little things they had done to bring out those feelings, in terms of camerawork, foreign language keyboards, getting rid of Clooney, stuff which all added up to build on that raw emotion.

Overall, it was definitely worth a watch, specially in 3D at a hall. There would be nothing left of this on a small screen watched with interruptions. 


...:M e d h a:... said...

I never stopped to think about inaccuracies. For me this movie is about is about human spirit and how far we are willing to go to ensure our survival. I was perfectly stunned when Clooney reappeared and kind of glad when it vanished again, albeit kicking her butt so she could figure out how to get to the Chinese station. And you should watch Saturday Night Live's spoof of the movie. Its pretty funny and satirical at the same time.

Vikas Chandra said...

yeah. it was a great 3D watch.