Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Butler - Lee Daniels

Good movie overall.

Starting out as a slave from the south, a man finds his way to Washington, and eventually becomes a butler at the white house. Over the years, various presidents come and go, and various laws and mindsets change.

I specially liked the parallel track of the butlers son, as he approaches the struggle with his own rebellions. The problem with a discriminated and battered minority trying to fight back, can never be an easy single story. And change can never come with a straight and narrow paths, there are curves and bends. Where does a non-violent group turn violent? Every little thing chips away. Sometimes you have to highlight your difference , and dig in. Sometimes you change and conform. And its never easy to just say that something is wrong and something is right. Perhaps the sons rebellion could never have come without the fathers conforming, and perhaps the fathers own battles got bolstered with the changes that came about with the sons efforts.

Definitely worth a watch, specially for the good acting. 

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