Thursday, September 26, 2013

A separation - Asghar Farhadi

Quite liked it.

It begins with a couple in family court, while the woman says, unless the family can move abroad, and utilise the visa obtained with great difficulty, she wants to separate. The husband brings up his ailing Alzheimer's stricken father , who cannot be left alone.

And so begins a separation as the wife moves out to her mom's place. Many things happen in the drama, as the husband and teenage daughter try to manage the house and the father. A help is hired, and things begin to get complicated the truth begins to get harder to get at.

At one level the movie turns almost into a whodunit. At another its still a commentary on family dynamics, on the role of women, of men, of children, of religion.. I like the ending also.. there are no easy answers..

Definitely worth a watch.


Anantha said...

I liked it the way it starts as a separation between the couple, but it becomes more of a separation of a human being from his values [to protect himself, the husband denies he knew the maid was pregnant when he accidentally pushed her down the stairs], a separation of religion from humanity [the maid calls up the mullah to know if it is sin to change the old man's diaper], a separation of ambition from responsibility [wife willing to leave the sick FIL for a better future in another country].... so many dimensions to the title of the film.

Oh man! what an amazing acting by all of them!! That old man.. the husband... the maid... her kid. Loved them all :)

Tess said...

interesting thought, hadn't considered the title like that! And yes really understated and effective acting by all of them.