Friday, August 30, 2013

Madras Cafe - Shoojit Sircar

Had gone in with zero expectations.. ( if anything, with negative ones, thinking perhaps it would be like ek tha tiger or something). So overall was pleasantly surprised.

Its mostly a somewhat simplified story of the LTTE, Prabhakaran and culminated with the Rajiv Gandhi assasination.

Its a strangely uneven movie though.. some pretty bad acting and scenes that could've just been chopped off. A strange and convoluted story.. unnecessarily vague. Nargis Fakhri, gaah the woman just makes me want to slit her throat, even in the very few scenes that she's there.. The unnecessarily Arun Govilish smile of the guy playing Rajiv Gandhi and the constant hero - worshipping.

But overall , its still a decent watch, specially the second half which picks up considerably pace, even though the story is hopelessly lost and muddled by then. It also does try to avoid too much simplification in terms of heroes and villains, although a bit more nuanced background of the causes of the strife, and Indian's own ambiguous role might have served the story better than the silly wife. I did love the unexpected cast members though, Siddharth Basu, Dibang, Prakash Belawadi.

Not sure if its worth a watch overall.. maybe just barely if you are prepared for its unevenness.


...:M e d h a:... said...

I too was pleasantly surprised to see Siddharth Basu, I can't remember seeing him on air after Mastermind India. Sadly, he has aged a lot. Which means I've gotten older too. Haha, that line about the 'arun govil' smile was hilarious. However, most pictures I've seen of Rajiv gandhi have had that beatific smile pasted on his face. I think they needed to tighten the narrative too, and maybe deal with the Madras Cafe angle of it better. After all they named the movie after it. Was there one in every damn city?! They mention it was in Bangkok, in Singapore and even in London.

Guru Kini said...

Recently saw this. Was impressive enough. For once, I could tolerate John Abraham. Some things were weird though - like the whole flashback angle, muddled script and poor acting by some.
Mr. Basu, however, was spot on :)

Tess said...

@Medha - Yep the narrative and the script really needed work. I have no idea where the Madras Cafe was and what was really happening there ! As for the aging, lets not even go there..

@Guru - Yes, John was pretty tolerable. Even the bits of bad acting could have been papered over, if only the muddled script had been tightened somewhat!