Sunday, August 25, 2013

Before Midnight - Richard Linklater

Was nice in parts but didn't leave the overwhelming love I had for the previous two.

Mostly because I just couldn't identify with Julie. Sure I was rooting for some of the lines, (wiping the toilet seat comes to mind!) and yet she just seemed too contradictory, and Ethan not self absorbed enough, assuming that those were the two stereotypes the movie was aiming for.

But mostly I just felt like giving her a hard shake during the crucial final argument. She was far too unreasonable. Ethan was far too reasonable. I also couldn't get over the fact that Ethan looks old , while Julie doesn't look old enough. I do realise that it just me, since there's not a single review out there which says that. Sigh I've heard this a lot lately.. I'm wierd!

In a way that is a pity, because I really thought so much else in the movie was quite perfect. The whole argument for example was a great idea. Meeting a stranger in a strange city is all very well, but anyone who's been married knows that there are arguments about fairies who do the dishes and an uncertain job suddenly becoming a dream job. I loved Ethan in many ways, unwilling to say the obvious, trying desperately to reason, struggling with food and sex, and yet struggling to fight against becoming what he most feared, struggling for his son. I also loved the changed tone.. while the earlier movies bristled at the edge of the possibility of 'will they' , this one lays bare what can end up happening, even for a dream come true couple who are obviously very much in love.

Overall it still a movie I'd not have missed, and the trilogy is worth seeing. I do hope, a decade or two, or three later, we'd get to see this couple with such awesome chemistry. I do wonder that they'd call it then though, sunrise, sunset and midnight, all done! 


...:M e d h a:... said...

I went to netflix to read up on the movies and am pretty damn sure I've seen Before Sunrise. Not sure about the sequel, so I added them all to my netflix queue :)

Tess said...

Hope you like them.. its just a lot of talk and virtually no action.. but somehow it hit a chord.

...:M e d h a:... said...

Isn't my entire life all about a lot of talk and little action!?