Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Things you are unlikely to hear in a good cultured indian household..

Relative/maid/random stranger to father of the girl

"Arre aap kyon kaam kar rahe hain.. ghar mein damad hai na"


...:M e d h a:... said...

why, did you overhear someone saying 'ghar me bahu he na?' at my inlaws place, its taken for granted i will do everything, even in my jetlagged and cranky state.

Tess said...

of course! And although the in laws are really supportive, and I certainly don't lift a finger more than my hubby ( and let me not even explain how little work that means), the bigger point is the attitude.

My own relatives do the same thing their bahus, and its an attitude that will take a while to change..

But yes, I'm stubborn, on principle I refuse to do a single thing. If the beta can't, the bahu certainly won't.