Friday, July 19, 2013

Pages from an immigrant's diary - Sudhir Jain

okish read, gets a wee bit repetitive and boring to be honest.

Its a collection of short pieces about bits of daily life from an Indian immigrant who travels around and eventually settles in Canada. It goes over the many many decades of  multiple different cultures, difficult illnesses, lesbian daughters, and of course the inevitable quotidian life narrated with a dash of humour. It looks mostly autobiographical, although it was marked down as fiction.

But more interesting than the literary merits ( or otherwise) of the book, was the author who gifted it to me on an impulse. While waiting at an airport, when I first saw the couple across the aisle, I wondered what their relationship could be. Which made an Indian looking man and a British looking woman, both past their 60s, travel together ? They seemed too familiar with each other, to be business associates.. However they seemed too considerate with each other to be a long time couple. Had they perhaps just started dating? As they dug out their scrabble boards, and I couldn't keep my eyes away from the game which I loved but hadn't played in ages, they offered to have me join in the game. And it was with some surprise that I discovered that they were married, and much longer than I would have guessed. Now that I look at it... the book hints at much that gets you there!

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