Monday, June 24, 2013

Shantaram - Gregory David Roberts

Quite enjoyed it for the first three fourth of it or so. But totally got bored by the last fourth. I think it could have been really cut short in the end, it was so dragged out, that I finally just flipped through whole pages without reading, and ended it feeling rather irritated. 

But at any rate, most of it in the beginning is quite engrossing. Written like a thriller, something keeps happening, and then in between there are bits of philosophy which i quite love. 

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness - J J Abrams

Decent watch. At least found it better than the last one, which I didn't like at all.

Although, now that this post has been lying in my drafts for a month, I realise that I remember very little about the movie. Which perhaps says a lot!

How to get filthy rich in rising Asia - Mohsin Hamid

Like the reluctant fundamentalist, somewhat mixed feelings on this too.

I liked it overall, I found it a bit sappy in parts. Didn't much care for the prose style in some places, found it a tad too convoluted. I didn't like the way it way it was addressed either, the sort of parody of the self - help bit.

But still overall, I found it quite readable, and worth pondering over.