Thursday, May 02, 2013

Ek Thi Daayan - Kannan Iyer

I have to admit, I should've reminded myself before going, that omnivorous though I am about movie genres, there's one I don't enjoy - and that is horror.

And this is a horror movie. Maybe better made than the raaz, darna zaroori hai etc, but horror nevertheless. And quite soon into the movie, I felt trapped in the hall, wishing I could leave, but the movie wasn't bad enough to justify leaving, not to mention it was nn's dream cast! So we sat through it..

Given that background, my reactions are bound to be very biased. I can't say I enjoyed it, and I can't say there were any interesting plots in it, but it held a decent pace. Emraan was pretty tolerable ( like in Shanghai), and although the daayan's are quite traditional and the story fully unbelievable, its ok. Konkona was gorgeous as ever.

The scenes where the daayan shows all the claws and leaves nothing to the imagination, were far too long, and rather a drag. One of the things I've always found more horrifying than make up, dark contacts and special effects has been where the camera hints, glazes and often leaves much to your imagination. Eg the lift which I thought was the scariest thing in the movie... Would've much preferred a more allegorical hell to the literal one.

Okish, but I'll be giving horror a wide berth for some time now!

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harjot said...

Interesting Observation : When Bollywood made a movie with a male protagonist, it was called "Ek tha Tiger" , and now when they have one with a female in the lead role , its called "Ek thi Daayan"? BTW , you have seen both , how do they stack up against each other?