Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Restarting - 10k

Completed in the usual time, 75 ish , although with many aches along the way, and a more-than-usual painful recovery of 3-4 days. The finish wasn't too good either, people overtaking in the last km usually tells a lot about your state !

However the run itself felt great, as always. Almost 6 months without regular practice. But I thought the best way to reboot, was to throw the hat again. I'm really hoping the next one will be with practice, and at some time I will be able to hit a sub 70.

Here's to some hard gym work and training runs in the next few months! The weather and the lovely pavements of this country, unlike back home, should help..

Friday, May 10, 2013

Cloud Atlas - Tom Tykwer and Wachowskis

Quite liked it.

Its got multiple different stories going on simultaneously, set in different time periods, ranging from a few hundred years back to a few hundred in the future. The stories tread on each other very indirectly, and obliquely, through shared artifacts, legends and of course the actors themselves,  but are pretty much complete pieces in themselves. There are stories set long back, of black stowaways were fighting for their life. Or the tortured love story of two men, and a piece of music, and the price of freedom. And then there are futuristic sci - fi stories of cloned women in world where they are little more than pieces of machinery, and a time even more in the future , post- apocalyptic so to speak, where the cycle is almost complete.

So do we see the same themes and people over and over? What does it all signify? Trying to sort through what it all means, is of course a different thing altogether. My first, multiply interrupted viewing, on a tiny screen did very little justice to this complex and well made movie. Maybe I'll watch it again, or perhaps read the original book, and flesh out my thoughts on this again.

Suffice for now to say, that it is definitely worth a watch, and perhaps another watch too.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Dancing in Cambodia - Amitav Ghosh

Slim collection of essays , quite liked it. Had been picked on t's reco.

Recounts his meetings with people in Cambodia, Burma and its neighborhood  Covers some background of  Pol pot, and some of Aung San Su Kyi.

I like the understated cadence of his writing, just the way he puts the facts and his take on them, without making it sound too ponderous or too facile.

Definitely worth a read.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Ek Thi Daayan - Kannan Iyer

I have to admit, I should've reminded myself before going, that omnivorous though I am about movie genres, there's one I don't enjoy - and that is horror.

And this is a horror movie. Maybe better made than the raaz, darna zaroori hai etc, but horror nevertheless. And quite soon into the movie, I felt trapped in the hall, wishing I could leave, but the movie wasn't bad enough to justify leaving, not to mention it was nn's dream cast! So we sat through it..

Given that background, my reactions are bound to be very biased. I can't say I enjoyed it, and I can't say there were any interesting plots in it, but it held a decent pace. Emraan was pretty tolerable ( like in Shanghai), and although the daayan's are quite traditional and the story fully unbelievable, its ok. Konkona was gorgeous as ever.

The scenes where the daayan shows all the claws and leaves nothing to the imagination, were far too long, and rather a drag. One of the things I've always found more horrifying than make up, dark contacts and special effects has been where the camera hints, glazes and often leaves much to your imagination. Eg the lift which I thought was the scariest thing in the movie... Would've much preferred a more allegorical hell to the literal one.

Okish, but I'll be giving horror a wide berth for some time now!