Friday, April 12, 2013

another year goes by..

did a couple of girls only trips.. had a lot of fun.. realized that some of the fetters are mostly of our own making. specially the guilt trips.. about work, about family..

ran a few half marathons, some with preparation, some without. enjoyed them thoroughly.  before taking a break from running altogether.

improved on yoga, helped get the dvd out, and then pretty much took a break from that as well..

tried working in a new work place, starting from zero. realized that with a handful of supportive people, its not as difficult as I'd thought.

lived in a guesthouse for a couple of months, and realized that some lucky people get to live most of their lives in this blissful state. arrive at the meal times, and have fresh hot meals served to you. never have to worry about groceries. come back from work, and find the rooms and loos all clean and ready. never worry about bills and stuff. but then of course, its an empty room to come back to..

finally after many years of waiting, chucked my job, and tried doing absolutely nothing for a while.. which was quite glorious. wake up when you want, sleep when you want, read , watch movies, travel. unfortunately the glory only lasts while the money lasts, and when that runs out...

traveled and met some long lost relatives and friends...

tried to learn swimming again, made a small bit of progress. maybe one of these years..

and finally of course rounded off the year with an 'illness'. tried hard to change, and realized that i'd only found new reasons not to.

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