Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Auroville Half Marathon

Was very very pleasantly surprised to say the least!

I've been almost completely out of practice, having given up both yoga and running practice in the past 3 months out of sheer laziness. Added to that was a lot of travelling in the last month and a half, many nights in trains, buses, different hotels and houses, new food everywhere, not to mention a fair amount of drinking. The body was creaking, and the throat had been grumbling off and on for a month.

I'd been toying with the idea of dropping out of the run altogether, and things came to a head the night before the travel to pondicherry, when I had a major meltdown in the train on way back from goa, with absolutely the rock bottom of cramps. I remember crying at 2 am , unable to sleep, and telling myself, this is it, I can't go.

Good thing though that I decided to go after all!

As I started out , I remember thinking I'll probably be walking most of it. But luckily the body had some hidden reserves ( or as a said, perhaps it was all the feni I'd consumed in goa!). I managed to run a fair bit, and I actually had to slow myself down in the first half, consciously telling myself that I was out of both flexibility and stamina, and needed to take it easy. Probably that made all the difference, because it was a lovely run till the end, no cramps or unexpected pains, and the trail was pretty nice, auroville trees all around, and none of the crazy city traffic. Managed to finish strong, overtaking a few people in the last 3 kms, unlike the ultra where I had been quite miserable at the finish.

The timing was a few minutes over the previous bests, but overall the feeling was just great. Nice run, nice trip, and overall a very nice experience.

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