Thursday, January 17, 2013

Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola


Looks like a low level Chinese functionary was told to fund a propaganda movie for Chairman Mao.  He went and gave a shoe string budget to some loser 80's scriptwriter of bollywood. Who then wrote a crappy story about a group of farmers who are being forced to sell their land short for an SEZ. Complete with ridiculous uni - dimensional heroes and villains, below the belt jokes, and downright boring pointless scenes about the alcoholic Pankaj Kapoor.

Et tu Vishal Bharadwaj??

The cow was cute tho..

ps a week later - for a contrarian view, there's Rajiv Masand. However I guess this is another of those movies where there are no half measures, you either love it, or hate it. I found it interminable, boring, and certainly didn't catch references to Kusturica, who I'm not familiar with ! 


harjot said...

I have observed that creativity of your reviews is inversely proportional to the quality of the movie. It almost seems that you are putting a personal effort to make up for the movie's shortcomings, so that someone else who has been through a terrible movie can derive some fun and solace from your review, and wasool his paisa.keep up the great work.

Gunjan said...

Oh I wanted to watch this movie so much. The title and title song is so catchy and I bever though Vishal Bharadwaj would come up with anything too bad!

I think I will give it a skip now...

Tess said...

@Harjot - and I thought I did a hack job of this one, since i just couldn't be bothered to summarise the movie :P thanks !

@Gunjan - I had been awaiting it as well, and had gone in quite blind, ( having read no reviews at all). Maybe you can watch it on tv, I really found it very very juvenile.. :(

Guru Kini said...

Saw this finally. Still not sure what to make out of it.