Saturday, December 01, 2012

Talaash - Reema Kagti

Rather disappointing.

Began promisingly, I thought the opening credits and the first car crash scene were brilliant, but very soon it lost its moorings, and rapidly degenerated into what looked like dragged out sequences serving no purpose. By the second half, I was itching to have the damn thing over and done with so I could walk out, and nn and I passed time, by passing snide remarks, to stifle our yawns.

A car takes a sudden veering turn and goes straight into the sea. We see this opening sequence, and we're assured that there was indeed no reason for it to turn. Apparently this has happened before. No rational explanation emerges, so whats the mystery? Sure, there's much ado about the missing money, the proximity to the red light area, call girls, potential black mail, etc. And there's the policeman walking about, still grieving at his sons death, his wife attending seances.

I don't have a problem with the story, and what some people feel was a cop out. I think one can make decent movies with all manner of improbable cop outs(prestige, truman show, kahaani, mulholland drive), I'm willing to suspend belief, I'm willing to play along with sudden twists which aren't about 'realism'.

But the point is , does the movie hold your attention? As a thriller, it just didn't maintain the pace, and in those silly long boring unnecessary where-was-the-editor sequences, we had all the time in the world to figure out the answers and ponder over the plot holes.

Its a pity really, there was some very promising stuff here, but alas!

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