Saturday, November 17, 2012

Skyfall - Sam Mendes

Not bad at all.

Considering that I usually find the bond flicks irritating or funny ( unintentionally), this one was almost like any other semi-action thriller type. Sure the plot is unrealistic, but then when was the last time a thriller had a realistic plot eh?

Not much to say about the story line. Some disc with names of undercover agents goes missing, and but of course the bad guy is always one step ahead, pointing neatly to the fact that its one MI's own. Bond is getting old and making mistakes, but he's sent chasing anyway. There aren't any gadgets, and no real Bond girls, the one dame he beds, does die on his watch, which I thought was pretty neat. The close ups are all not of navels and bosoms, but M's very real and very wrinkled face. ( ah when was the last time we saw movies with old women? real women? with substantive roles? ) I'm surprised the Bond fans didn't hate it, it really doesn't have any Bond masala.

As normal thrillers / action movies go, its just about average. As a bond movie, its perhaps the first that I could even tolerate !

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