Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana- Sameer Sharma

Decent time pass.

A prodigal son returns home to rural Punjab, hoping to steal some money from the family to pay off his debts in London. However he finds, there's no money, but just a welcoming family, who open their hearts to him, glossing over how he ran off 10 years ago, and hasn't been in touch since. And woven somewhere in the tale, is the missing recipe of the chicken his grandfather used to make, which might just be a key to a way out.

It is of course, a paen to the good Indian joint family, and the good rural life, where things are not always perfect, but they always seem to work out somehow, unlike in nuclear families and urban lives, where things can often teeter dangerously out of control. As a philosophy of course I don't think things are so simple, and my personal preference has always been for urban nuclear spaces, even with their associated problems. One can of course suspend belief and enjoy the idyllic view of the loving joint family and rural bliss, as a form of escapism.

Worth a watch, most of the movie spins effortlessly, and is reasonably enjoyable, barring a few jarring scenes, mostly in the second half. Some humour helps as well. 

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