Thursday, November 15, 2012

25 kms

Managed to complete it, yippie!

There was much last week dithering about whether to drop out or participate. Had been feeling rather low on energy in the past month, and had barely trained at all.

However, decided to go ahead on the last day, planning to walk or drop out if things got too bad. The first 10 kms were pretty much on track, the next 10 were more of a struggle, as the knee slowly gave out, which seems to be the usual pattern if I push it without enough practice.

It was the final 2.5 kms when I really gave up, felt completely down and out, and I didn't think I had anything left to run with. Not only were the legs rebelling by then, even my stomach had started growling, specially at the sight of the well stocked aid stations. Had pretty much decided to walk it, when a's pep talk egged me to some last ditch running, or shuffling would be a more accurate description. At any rate, couple of mins shy of three and a half hours, I  limped past the finish mats, necked the finishers medal, wolfed down a couple of bananas, and barely caught the last bus home.

For the first time, the post run experience was quite painful, stumbled home somehow and slept off the fever, and hobbled my way for the rest of the day. Luckily, things were mostly back to normal the next day, not too much worse.

I think it will be a long long time before I try to increase the distance past 25. For the next year, lets just see if I can better the various timings!

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