Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The monk who sold his ferrari - Robin Sharma

Rather amateurishly written, strings together the conventional wisdom on how to 'improve' your life into a loose story of a high flying lawyer who finds enlightenment ( and perennial youth) in the himalayas and then returns to tell his lawyer protege all about it.

Perhaps its a sign of the times, that peddling old wisdom in a tacky story, with an equally tacky fable, becomes a best seller.

But having trashed the style of writing, perhaps its worth reiterating the old wisdom anyway. After all, we need it so much, that we grasp at it , in whatever jar it comes.

So here's the summary  ( although i don't agree with all of it, but then to each their own)
1. master your mind  ( think good thoughts, meditate, envision etc etc, )
2. follow your purpose
3. improving yourself, (silence, nature, body care, exercise breathing, sattvik food, read, personal reflection, rise early, listen to music, mantras, character, simplicity)
4. live with discipline, silence,
5. respect your time (plan, say no, take breaks, naps, )
6. selflessly serve others
7. embrace the present

ah well, if you get around to doing even 1 of those properly, I get you won't be needing that ferrari after all!

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