Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oh My God - Umesh Shukla

okish. Has its funny moments, but tends to get a bit of a drag in between.

A nastik gujju shopkeeper dismisses god and organised religion ( its a package deal to him then).Then his shop crumbles in a earthquake and  his insurance doesn't cover it, as the fine print reads cover losses due to an 'act of god' ( ie floods, earth quakes etc) are not covered. The shop keeper fights back with a claim to god then, which of course means that the confrontation then takes place between him and organised religion, ( which after all, is what most of us take to be god) .

What follows is in parts funny, in most parts loud and predictable and in a few parts actually surprisingly subtle.

What I was pleasantly surprised to see, was that after the recent flurry of bans , and my fear that we were indeed living in a kela desh, a movie loudly exhorting people to stop financing the commodification of religion is still running.

However my favourite part was the very last one that mithun spoke ( as an aside i totally loved him, although his characterisation was a bit silly) -' these aren't loving people.. these are god - fearing people'. That line, with a little imagination, can tell you a lot..  Another time perhaps, I will write a bit more on organised crime religion, god and athiesm.

not really a must watch, but ok to kill some time if you've nothing better to do.. 

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