Thursday, September 20, 2012


What makes people choose their professions?

Do we even choose, or do we simply get herded in, by things quite independent of our aptitudes and interests. Things like 'parental guidance', peer pressure ( or the more apt, and virtually un-translate-able phrase - bhed chaal)? Things like the fluke college we got into, and the fluke companies our resume landed in? 

And once we've chosen, ( or landed one way or the other) the job, do we really have any options to make large changes, what with multiple loans, dependents and the general lack of energy to start afresh at the  ripe old age of say 27, 30, or 35? 

Maybe yes,  and then again, maybe no

But for the large number of quite unemployable and unproductive software engineers, most of whom are really nice people, but terrible problem solvers, I really wonder, whats the solution. Maybe we can only hope that the bubble won't burst in our lifetime at least. Or sometimes, in more angry moments, actually pray that it does. 

But in less angry moments, I simply ponder. 
At a system which has created this skewed allocation of money, where a person cooking food for you , gets paid 4k a month, while the person goofing off on facebook for months on end, get paid 4k a day. 
At a system, where the guy who's a talented cook, will continue to goof off, or perhaps struggle with daily humiliation, at something clearly not his forte, for that 4k a day. 

maybe it was necessary for life to remind me of the whole charade, 
of pointless features in products, 
of projects , deadlines, estimates, 
of teamwork, talent, improvement areas
of feedback , ratings, and the whole charade of PIPs 

Worst case scenario : 3 months 10 days.


Rohit said...

the "talented chef" probably didn't choose his profession, but he chooses 4K over personal satisfaction everyday...

and you should link your blog to your facebook profile...

Anonymous said...


it dosent take 2+4 years of hard work and lots of extended work hours to cook a meal hence 4k per month is justified as against a IT person earning 4k a day. its not just this but much more.

but yes there is a work to pay ratio gap in other fields as compared to IT.