Sunday, September 16, 2012

Barfi! - Anurag Basu

Nice movie overall.

An old man lies dying in a hospital, and another old lady far away takes up the story in flashback. How did their lives intersect, long long ago, while they were young, and love was in the air. Who loved whom, and how does love begin? Is it tested under falling lampposts, under the differences of deaf-muteness, autism... And when does it change.. end? There's a sub-plot of a conspiracy also, to add some spice to the romance.

It reaches up and tries to be brilliant, I wouldn't say successfully. But considering the huge number of people it still manages to appeal to, I would say quite a commendable effort. It has the warm candyfloss feel of the mainstream movies, but it manages to insert in a good few bits which are not quite that mainstream. And its more than just token service to disabilities. Inspite to its idealistic refrain about ideal love where couples grow old and die together, you do realise that life doesn't quite work that way, although that bit isn't thrown in your face.

Sometimes the order of the flashbacks doesn't quite work, but thats a minor quibble. Overall it mostly pulls through, with a joint effort by mostly decent direction, a good script, passable editing, nice doses of humour and some good acting.

Worth a watch I'd say.

ps - As an aside, I don't like the constant harping about usage of words like 'differently abled, hearing impaired', etc. I can understand the reasons for wanting to change a word like dumb, but I still prefer using deaf mute as it is. I don't think you can go through life insisting that every disability is just a different ability etc.  

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