Monday, August 20, 2012

The Emperor of all Maladies - Siddharth Mukherjee

Interesting read overall.

The book is a 'biography of cancer' as the blurb says, and its actually a pretty fascinating biography, specially considering that this is a disease we're following, not a person. The book traces the disease from its oldest mentions, delving into history and archeology, and traces a fascinating journey of our understanding of cancer, of our relationship with it, and of course the battle for the ever elusive cure.

The first three fourth of the book is really gripping, reading almost like a thriller, as the doctor throws the net wide, skipping from biology and medicine, to politics, geography and psychology as we try to dig into what causes cancer, how we could fight it.

The last fourth of it got a bit of a drag for me, as it got increasingly more technical, and I couldn't quite keep pace with the jargon, although someone with some grounding in biology would have found even that section pretty interesting.

Worth a read, although I'd say it could've been made a tad more concise.

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