Monday, August 06, 2012

My week with Marilyn - Simon Curtis

A nice little movie.

Roughly based on true events, it traces a week when the famous Marilyn Monroe was in London shooting for a movie ( The prince and the showgirl) with the equally ( if differently!) famous Laurence Olivier. And on the sidelines, is the young 3rd assitant director Colin, and its from his eyes that we see that week. As Marilyn  comes on the sets to shoots, we see a complicted web of emotions taking over.

There's Laurence, who seemingly can't stand her diffidence, insecurity, and sheer unprofessionalism, but is mesmerised as well. There's his wife, who seems like a most confident and self assured lady, but she knows what lies below Laurence's voluble complaints. There's the other young girl, whom Colin begins dating, before he falls victim to Marilyn, like everyone else. There's Marilyn's previous lover for a week and his warnings. There's the much older British actress and her kindness. And finally of course, Marilyn herself. Her insecurity, her raw appeal, her uninhibited behaviour, her good acting, her happiness, and her unhappiness. And dear poor Colin of course. First love, as Dame Judy says, is such sweet despair.

I quite liked the many angles between all the people, and the multiple layers a lot of those emotions had. Overall quite a decent watch.


Alka said...

I've been meaning to see this one. Am more inspired to actually do it now.

Have been blogging in another place lately. have been meaning to tell - just never got down to it. Will write now.

love to you!

Tess said...

I found it pretty decent, hope you like it too! And of course loved your second blog!