Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Half marathon.

Completed my first half marathon yesterday, yippie!!

Ran, jogged, trudged, walked, shuffled.. Accelerated on the downhills or when a peppy song came up.. Grunted and crawled on the uphills, or when my body just wanted to give up. Brushed away sweat, snot and raindrops and finally after some 2 hours and 45 odd mins, crossed the 21 km mark !

Although everything leading up to the day seemed to go wrong, right from work, health, practice, even the train and printers seemed against our going, but the run itself couldn't have been better. The weather was lovely, cool and cloudy for the first 10, and a gentle rain kept company for the second half. And no unexpected injuries or aches came up.

I found my own pace, and enjoyed myself thoroughly, walking when I felt like it, sprinting hard on a couple of  occasions, and had enough steam in the last kms to jog along ( and past!) some runners and cheerleaders who egged me on. The weather and the rain made a world of difference, nothing like running and raising up your face to feel the raindrops patter past the sweat. And it helped that the water stations were there every 2 kms without fail, and getting water/electrolytes was quite smooth, without too much crowd. I like to run while its still some fun, and not just endless pain and the proving of points..  this one suited me just fine.

And 2 thumbs up to a and l, running partners and friends without whom I might have never completed, or even signed up.

Now for a 25 k..  


Shaguna said...

Am I proud! Good going teju :)

Shaguna said...

Am I proud!!! Can't stop smiling :)

Tess said...

thanku thanku. Today i went for a run after last sunday, and within the first 500 metres i felt that it was too much work :P Finally gave up after a km.

some days i tell you!

Anantha said...

aaahh... the drizzle and the cloudy weather that day... I fell in love with Hyderabad!