Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ek tha tiger - Kabir Khan

so awesomely bad, that its almost good.

ok, so usually I filter out such movies just based on the names of the actors and the production houses. Can't remember seeing most of the barf inducing silly love stories. This one , under normal circumstances, I would have never seen, but ended up watching since the whole group was going, and there wasn't anything better to do on a holiday ( although in hindside i wonder if I shouldn't have finished up some pending office work instead) .


So our man Salman plays a RAW agent ( snigger), and SPOILER ALERT  - the comely lass Katrina , plays an ISI agent ( giggle), and then they fall in the yash-raj-patented-starry-louuu ( loud guffaw). That takes care of the first half, which ends with a loud bang which wakes you up in case you were dozing ( which I was).

During intermission, you remind yourself of that old saying - when a rape is inevitable, sit back and enjoy it. So you pull yourself together for the second half, dig out your cell phone games, open up any pending email, and get set for the rollicking second half.

Here our man does the job of ze he-man ( beats many baddies), ze spider-man ( flies across buildings and roofs), and ze super-man ( flies into a plane) all by himself. He also takes off his shirt, at which the entire hall ( including me ) scream in a wild feral frenzy. Unfortunately he puts another shirt back on, much to our disappointment. Still we follow his superhuman exploits with many whistles and claps, until finally the movie comes to an end.

For once I have nothing much to add of my own, I think that story does summarise it all. Ah ok, i should say at least something .. hmm lets see.. good production quality, pretty locales, happy endings - go enjoy!


Alka said...

hahahaha! Actually sounds funny enough to be seen! What a shame I'm not into Salman! :-)

Tess said...

hehe, don't go looking for pain woman, there's enough going around !