Friday, July 27, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Ended up watching it with on the spur of the moment, and thought it mostly paisa vasool. Don't expect too much, let your hair down, go with the flow. Laugh at the jokes, enjoy at the effects, ogle at the man's suit muscles  ( when you can see the black against black that is), or if you're male, there's the shapely cat instead.

The fact is, I'm just a byestander when it comes to superhero movies. I've never followed them, or been a big fan of them. Between batman spiderman superman and the whole lot of other masked and/or underweared 'men' I found I just couldn't see anything in either their characters or their plots, that lifted them above the run of the mill good-bad story.

As for the batman movies,  the enduring image for me, both when I saw the one back in school days, and the one 2 years back, was the joker. Without him, batman looks quite colorless.

Still worth a watch, of course, don't go in expecting too much!

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