Monday, July 23, 2012

Death and taxes

Gaah, every time i try to copy the form 16 data and file my own tax returns, I end up feeling mighty foolish.

And wondering how i ever passed maths. But pass I did, repeatedly, scoring cent per cent on multiple occasions. And at times I've even sinned silently, in the midst of my maths hating friends, thinking that I actually loved the subject.

But those 5 mark tax problems that we aced in class 10, seem to grow strange appendages and today I just feel unequal to fighting them! Blasted  form 16s, 26S, section 10 c, 80ccd, ITR 1 2 3 4, challan 280 281 282.. !@#%!#$



Guru Kini said...

Hmm...maths and accounting are not the same really. When a currency is attached to a number, it ceases being just mathematics. You are not alone :).

Tess said...

ah yes, the attachment of currency, quite aptly put!

The horrible mess of sections and forms certainly don't help :(