Monday, June 11, 2012

Shanghai - Dibakar Bannerjee

Loved it.

A brand new India-shining SEZ type area is to be set up, and of course land has to be acquired for that. But there's a crusader who's organising the people and exhorting them to not sell out.

How does this multi player game end? The mercurial hitman, the timid driver, the local political worker, the state political aspirant, the CM, the secretary, the IAS officer, the policemen, the part time porn videographer, the womanising crusader, the crusaders unwilling wife, the other woman, the other woman's maid.., where do the ebb and flow of these lives intersect, and what are the parts we see and don't see?

Its a tightly paced movie, and the characters are well balanced, well etched out and ably enacted ( mostly). I liked some of the scenes, the side angle half light shots. Also liked the the IAS/IPS/Politician equation depictions.  But what I liked most of all, was the easing of the high pedestal cries for revolution. The move away from the easy demarcation of people as good and bad. The move away from easy solutions. What constitutes the good life? What constitutes a bad one? And if those aren't so easy to slot, then neither are the solutions, which in some ways was the highlight of the ending.

Although I thought some of the scenes seemed to be hammering points home too hard ( the obvious points at that), but still, I loved it overall.

Must watch.

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