Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pyaar Ka Punchnama - Luv Ranjan

ok movie, has its fun moments, but could have really done well on the editors chopping board to make it crisper. The songs specially are quite interminable, and so are some of the maudlin moments.

3 young blameless software engineers ( male) , are living happily in delhi in a typical bachelor pad. However part of their happiness is the ruing of their single status. As Oscar Wilde once said, there are two tragedies in life, one is not getting what you want. The other is getting it. So these young virile men, soon acquire girls in their lives. These girls soon ruin their lives, and bring these hitherto happy go lucky men , literally to tears.

The movie doesn't make any pretensions about presenting two sides of a story, which actually works in some ways. Basically the parts that work, seem to be the ones which are rather raw, and straight from the gut. I daresay Luv, who's also done bits of the screenplay, has lot of pent up angst , which has come up in this movie, and the honesty of those feeling, work in a way.

But for some deeper introspection into what makes men and women different, you'll have to work harder. And one of the hardest things to do, is to just realise, that men and women view things differently. Yes sure, there are exceptions and everyone is different etc. But its like that old woman/ young lady picture debate , made famous in the 7 habits book. How you see the picture depends on what hits you first, and what you perceive a certain thing to be. If you started by thinking that the little wiggle was an ear, and not an eye, it will be a long long time, before you can make that paradigm shift and see that there is another  perspective, right there in front of you , in the same picture.

Anyway, leaving introspection aside, its a funny movie, which misogynists would love uninhibitedly, while the rest of us have a laugh as well, although we might also be laughing at some things the director didn't quite intend!

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