Thursday, June 28, 2012

The cow sagas - part 5 - ethics

Usual background: Once upon a time there was a milk vendor. He loved the money his customers gave. But he just wished he could make the cows disappear. Ugly messy creatures, who always had to be fed. Why couldn't the milk just appear magically in jugs? 

It sure was a tightrope walk , running a business. Some people just didn't get it.

He did his best to inculcate a good culture in his dairy, by putting up posters on ethics all over the dairy. He made rules to make sure that every cow wrote down 100 times, ' I will be honest and ethical '.

He didn't really think that the fudging of the promised milk to water ratio for the customers was really about ethics. I mean if some customers with deep pockets, were willing to pay pretty penny for watered down milk, that really wasn't unethical , was it? Everyone in the dairy business sold watered down milk. There's no way to run a profitable dairy without it. ( Profitability, these silly mooing cows didn't know the first thing about it, the damn things could probably unbalance a balanced sheet)

Anyway, the bottom line was, that ethics was about the cows giving their full quota of milk to him ( and then some). There's no point in mixing ethics up with the kind of milk he sold the customers. 

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