Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The cow sagas - part 4 - Sales

Usual background: Once upon a time, there was a milk vendor. He loved the money his customers gave. But he just wished he could make the cows disappear. Ugly messy creatures, who always had to be fed. Why couldn't the milk just appear magically in jugs? 

The other day, a super rich client asked for a steady supply of fresh rose milk. So naturally he loaned over a cow to the client. 

How on earth was he supposed to know that rose milk didn't come directly from cow udders, but had to be made by mixing rose concentrate? And even if that was the case, what these cows didn't understand was how demanding these clients were, this is how sales were always made. Didn't they understand how rich the client was, how his bonus, ( and the cows bonus peanut masala biscuits) came from such sales. Ah the ingrate!

And he really didn't see what the fuss was about, all the cow had to do was get the concentrate somehow, mix it, and present the rose milk to the client. Whats all this fuss about the cow not having any concentrate, no hands and all sorts of excuses?  Surely one had to show some flexibility, some adaptability. 

And really mixing up a normal day in sales with ethics was stretching it too far. 

Uff these cows!

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