Monday, June 04, 2012

Belle the Jour - Luis Bunuel

Strange little movie.

The main protagonist is unable or unwilling to sleep with her husband, who is a caricature of goodness - nice, understanding, patient, loving. She however seems to crave the heavy duty bondage/submission fantasy, and gradually drifts into part time prostitution. ( its a day job - hence the title).

Where does fantasy end, reality begin? Interesting question that, and rather interestingly handled, specially the end.

But where do questions of sexual domination and submission begin and end? What qualifies as depravity and what as morality? Equally interesting questions, but I can't say that those were even addressed. It seemed like a whole lot of time was wasted just cataloging strange and stranger sexual quirks. I really didn't see the point of it, or what , if anything, they were supposed to convey.

Can't say I recommend it.

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