Monday, May 28, 2012

Running - Bangalore 10 k

Some days just dawn perfect. Other don't. And the variation between them is huge, at least for me. On some rare good days, I've run continuously for 4 kms, averaging seven to seven and a half per km. On bad days I've struggled to do even 2 km at eight.

So unfortunately for me, this 10k that I'd been eagerly anticipating, just happened to fall on a not so perfect day. Within the first 2 kms, I found myself alternating with very generous amounts of walking, and at a particularly low point of the 2nd, the stomach cramps almost made me feel like give up. But a bit of persistence got me past them, and luckily they stopped by the third.

On the good side, after the initial hiccup, I didn't hate any part of the remaining 7-8 kms, and though it was hot and sunny, I'd been prepared for that after my experience 2 years back. I picked up water at regular intervals, and walked a generous amount. Found that I kept that pace pretty much till the last km, without getting any slower in the last 2 kms.

On the flip side, it just wasn't my day for running, no amount of pushing got me to a consistent pace, and that showed in the final time of 77 mins, 7 mins over what I'd been targeting, and a tad slower than last time, in spite of having prepared much more.

Anyhow, now for the next target, lets see if I can do my very first half marathon in a couple of months. Targeting 2.5 hours, which is certainly not going to happen if I go at this pace, lets hope that its a good day that day!


raindrops said...

That is just fantastic. Well done! :-)

Tess said...

Thank you! :)