Friday, May 25, 2012

Moving on..

I hadn't expected the slight lump in throat, as I finally packed up to leave this particular workplace for good.

So much had already changed in the past year.  The employer had formally changed. Friends had left. The less said about the work, the better. Packing up had been a conscious choice. Unlike my usual excuse of not making much effort to direct the flow, and usually washing up at whatever shore the tides left me, this time, I had chosen to leave. Anywhere, anything, but this.

And though I would miss the comfort of known faces, known systems, after over 6 years of familiarity, and an eternity of procrastination, it was finally time to go.

So its good bye to r and our endless cups of tea, the interpretation of dreams, the crazy food cooker designs, the terrible lunch time choices. Bye to a, whom I just got to knowing in the past few months, and the great fun we had swapping movies, books and run stories. Bye to n and k, two friends from the very first team from 6 years back, who're still around. Bye to memories of the most fun team I worked with, of which I'm the almost the last person still around.

Funny that the first thoughts at leaving , are about the people I came to know along the way, not about the work I did ( or didn't do!) in this time. Workwise, I guess these years finally baked me completely into a cynic about software companies in general. They pay the bills. Occasionally they give you a jigzaw puzzle to solve while you're at it, which can be good fun. Mostly.. ah but why bother with such descriptions, they are what we perceive them to be. I guess they can be anything.

But at the end of it all, its the rose tinted glasses that kick in, and I nostalgically look back at the flowers, rather than the thorns.


raindrops said...

Oh sweetie, I didn't realise you were thinking about doing this. Though I can't say I am surprised. How are you doing?

Tess said...

After procrastinating for about 2 years, finally did! :D