Sunday, May 20, 2012

Inside Job - Charles Ferguson

I quite liked it, a good documentary on the 'financial meltdown' for dummies like me, who don't really know much about economics or how these things work.

It has a series of interviews with various people associated with the world of finance, directly or indirectly, ranging from traders, regulators, politicians, , academicians, even a  psychologist a and sex worker. It also has a couple of neat charts which show simplified views of the money movement.

At the end of it , one is of course left with the questions about greed and regulation. No easy answers there, and I don't think the documentary seeks to provide any. Does pure uninhibited capitalism's amazing self-regulation work? Can it work, or is it indeed an interfering government that always causes problems? Do free markets with completely free information always find the best price of everything? In real life, there are never any easy villains.  Occupying wall street might be a way to vent frustration, but it doesn't solve the underlying issues.

Definitely worth a watch, for its slick narrative and neat editing.

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