Monday, April 09, 2012

The year that was..

Couple of weeks back, on one of our endless tea breaks, r and I started thinking about the year that was. It had been a rather washed out one professionally, and once we realised there wasn't much we could think of on that front, we cast out net wider. Thats when I realised, that it hadn't been all that wasted, it had its moments. Some jottings on it...

Joined a gym for the first time.  Although it got rather boring after a while, it was good fun for a while. Stamina improved, was fun to be able to run continuously on tradmill for over 15 mins. Pumped iron, and got a compliment or two on bearing and posture!

Tonsured my head, something I'd always wanted to do for ages. Loved the way I looked, and on the whole, was pleasantly surprised at the reaction of people around me. Although there were just 1-2 who actually thought the cut suited me, most admired the act itself, and was quite amazed to see how many people actually wanted to try it out ( even if for very diff reasons) and just never got the guts.

Became a member of the complaints committee at work, and it was quite an experience. It wasn't quite what I'd expected it to be, which in itself was a good reminder against generalizations. Learnt a good deal about the nitty gritties of just how these things work, and how tricky they can sometimes be.

Realised that some things just get hardwired into you, and it gets very very hard to change set responses. At times that makes the response alarming and amusing at the same time.

Put aside a trip just to meet old friends, something I'd always wanted to do. Loved having the late-night-girls-heart-to-heart talks, just like we used to back in school days. Saw some things change as well, and for once, mourned and let them go, aided by rabbits. Lost some friends to distances, kids, marriages, timezones, business, and sheer misalignment ( to use a corporate term!). Made new connections however.

Started back on the yoga and the runs. Loved the sheer high from the endorphins released!

Spent much time trying to 'get in touch with myself'. Slowly came to somewhat appreciate the generously used word - awareness. Went the full circle, just like in yoga. Initial breakthroughs, plateaus, breaks.

Moved to our own house, and had much fun setting it up with nn, although our defining word remains spartan.

Lets hope the next year has new things to scribble about !


harjot said...

Looks like your annual assessment is aligned with the Financial Year and not the Calendar year. ;)

Tess said...

heh , yep. The initial discussion happened around feb, thought I'd jot this down while the financial year is just finished ;)

crypticrow said...

wow. quite a lot done in 365 days. and i want to go bald too. soon!

Tess said...

@crypticrow/kal - Do send me pics if you get around to it :D